Mike Pompeo agrees to testify on Iran, Iraq policy: US House Committee

Members of Congress - such as a few of Trump's fellow Republicans - have now been compelling Trump's government to learn more on the topic of the murdering by way of a contentious assault at Iraq this calendar month of Iranian armed forces commander Qassem Soleimani.
Due to the fact the united states assassinated Iran's Quds pressure pioneer standard Qasem Suleimani and Deadly armed forces determine Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis previously that season at Baghdad, Iraq has come to be the battle ground for the two Iran and the United States.  Iran was motivated to shoot ballistic missiles in an Iraqi foundation wherever US troops have been still stationed.
Consultant Eliot Engel chairman of this House Foreign Affairs Committee reported he talked to Pompeo and he'd decided to show up in a hearing different contrary to the committee of yearly budget hearing.

The overseas events panel experienced strove to program least two people hearings together with Pompeo, for example the one who will have happened on Wednesday, Jan. 2-9, however he'd diminished to emerge.
On Monday, Pompeo"voiced his outrage in the continuing assaults from Iran's armed teams from US facilities in Iraq, such as Sunday's rocket strikes from our Embassy, that led in 1 accident,"

Engel stated in an announcement which he would declare a day to its hearing so on.

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